Security Forces Apprentice

The security forces career field is responsible for all police activities associated with an Air Force base. You could be doing anything from securing the perimeter of the base to being a dog handler. Your responsibility will be to ensure the safety of all base weapons, property and personnel from hostile forces. Security forces personnel learn lifesaving procedures; provide armed response; direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic on base; operate speed measuring, drug, alcohol and breath test devices; and conduct investigations. You will be involved in team patrol movements, tactical drills, battle procedures and military operations other than war. You might also be apprehending and detaining suspects, securing crime scenes or testifying in judicial proceedings. Security forces personnel also utilize military working dog teams, train handlers and all aspects of working dogs. Additionally, you might be assigned to an armory and be responsible for controlling and safeguarding arms, ammunition and equipment. (NOTE: These two areas are not available immediately after basic training. You could be selected for these areas after you've completed your initial security forces training.) This career field directly leads into a civilian job of law enforcement officer, security personnel and related government security agencies. You will receive college credits through the Community College of the Air Force that you can apply toward a degree in law enforcement. PAY CHART

Download the Security Forces Brochure PDF and the Warrior Fact Sheet PDF for more information.

CCAF Degrees:
Criminal Justice
Tech Schools:
Lackland AFB, TX

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